Gluten-Free Movie Theater Outing

My daughter is 6 years old and is in love with the High School Musical movies. She loves anything and everything HSM. She loves Troy & Gabriella, Shapay & Ryan. When we saw that HSM3 was coming out October 24th, I promised to take her on opening night. She was ecstatic! I held true to my word. When Hannah woke up yesterday morning, she had a permanent smile on her face. She knew that it was the day she had been waiting for, counting down to, for the last month. There was no wiping the smile off of her face. She proudly dressed for school, making sure to wear her brand new HSM shirt.

As we walked up to the theater last night, I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into. Yes, I enjoyed (okay, really, really liked) the first 2 High School Musical movies, but I did so in the comfort of my own home, with only 1 screaming, crazy 6-year old girl, not a theater full of them. It was a madhouse! Fortunately I had purchased my tickets online and only had to show my credit card to claim them. We headed to the snack counter to pick out our delicacies (I call them that b/c they are priced like they are made from gold or truffles or something of the like). I do have to comment on the number of choices for those on a gluten-free diet. Don’t get all excited, there really wasn’t a healthy choice among the layout of sweets & chocolate. There was, however, more than a handful of choices to choose from. There were Skittles (sour & regular), Reese’s Pieces, Dots, M & M’s (peanut & regular), Snicker’s, Gummi-Savers and a few others that I can’t recall. I ended up with Skittle’s and some of my little sister’s Reese’s Pieces. I have heard that popcorn (without butter and some theaters with) is another option, I have just never looked into it b/c I am happy with my candy. 😉 Plus, what an excuse to stuff myself with chocolate and/or sugar! We quickly headed into the theater to claim our seats even though there was still 45 minutes until showtime. I think I counted a total of 10 men in the entire theater. The rest were HSM crazed girls/tweens and their cranky Moms. Deep down I was really looking forward to the movie itself, just not the craziness that went along with it. The movie did not disappoint. Shhhh….I think I liked it better than Hannah & Regan! The best part was seeing all the little girls rush down to the front of the theater at the end of the movie to dance to the final song. Ahhhh…to be young again.

4 Responses

  1. Did Hannah and Regan dance, too?

  2. No, it was dark and I was hesitant about letting them loose in the sea of wild girls. 😉 I know, bad Mommy.

  3. My BOYS would love the movie!! lol I have promised them that I’d take them this weekend but obviously now with Quintus and his op there is no way…they’ll have to wait some

  4. Melany,
    How is Quintus doing? I am saying an extra prayer for him! ((HUGS))


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