Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

This week I sat down on Sunday to plan out my menu for the week and put some simple things on there. Aaron’s b-day is on Thursday and we are going out to eat with his parents at The Fish Market. Wednesday night is Hannah’s skating class and we will grab a bite to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise afterwards. And Friday is the dreaded tooth extraction day, so there will be soft foods for me after that for a while. Hopefully just a couple of days, but we shall see. I didn’t really have a theme or key ingredient this week, I was just going off of what I had in my freezer and what would work for us after my tooth surgery.

Sunday ~ Joan’s GF Great Bakes Pizza, salad & steamed broccoli. We ended up going to Cheeseburger in Paradise due to the power outage

Monday ~ Salmon, brown jasmine rice and steamed green beans (This will be brought to my Dad’s house and cooked due to the power still being out).

Tuesday ~ Filet (if it survives the power outage..YIKES!), baked potatoes, steamed veggies and salad. Now Spaghetti & Meat Sauce, Steamed Green Beans, Salad & Foccacia Bread. Filet is at a friend’s house in her freezer. 🙂

Wednesday ~ Cheeseburger in Paradise

Thursday ~ Fish Market for Aaron’s birthday

Friday ~ Homemade Macaroni & Cheese (if the power is still out, just shoot me), baked beans and soft veggies of some sort. Maybe some canned peas…gross normally, but the kids like them and they will be easy for Mommy to chew.

Saturday ~ Mexican Pizzas or Tacos for the kids, I will probably have refried beans a little meat, cheese and Mexican Rice.

The power is now back on and that makes me all warm & fuzzy inside. I hope to bake a Lemon Bundt Cake and some Meringue Cookies this week, in addition to some Cinnamon Rolls. YUM!! We shall see what I get done.

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  1. You could pop open a jar of baby food for dinner on Friday. They’re really not all that bad! Noah only has 2 teeth, and it’s working for him…my favorite is squash & corn.

  2. Not a bad idea! You know how I love those baby apricots! 🙂 I do have my trusty GF oatmeal that I can make with vanilla almond milk..YUM!

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