King’s Island

So, yesterday we went to Aaron’s company picnic at King’s Island amusement park. We had a great time. We left home early, about 8:10 AM. Surprisingly that is only 10 minutes after the time we planned on leaving. Not bad! I packed a cooler for lunch for Jon and I and made sure to have a doctor’s note in order to bring the cooler in (rules per King’s Island are that no food is to be brought in). We arrived right as the rides were starting to run at 10:00 AM. We had no trouble at all getting in with the cooler, as a matter of fact I could have had anything written on that doctor’s note. I am not complaining, I would rather have it be easy to get in with the food then hard. Jon and his friend, Grant, were eager to take off and ride the roller coasters, so we set them free. We took Hannah and headed to Nickelodeon Land, the area for all of the little kids. She immediately rode the kiddie bumper cars and had a blast. Then we met up with our neighbors, who have 2 kids, their little girl is Hannah’s age. We spent some time with them and the girls got their faces painted. Hannah chose a “mask”. Here she is in all her glory:

Around noon we headed over to the picnic grove for lunch. Aaron, Grant and Hannah were able to enjoy the food provided by King’s Island. They feasted on chicken fingers, pototo chips and salad. I packed myself a turkey & muenster cheese sandwich on Pamela’s bread, a fruit bowl and blue corn chips. Jon had a roast beef & cheese sandwich, Cool Ranch Doritos and a Yoplait yogurt. We buy Oscar Meyer lunch meats, as they are a Kraft company and will label any gluten indgredients. Yoplait yogurt has started to label their yogurts “gluten-free” on the side. They also won’t hide any ingredients on their labels.

After lunch we headed back out into the park. The boys headed to the water park area, Boomerang Bay. They didn’t stay there for long, they wanted to go back and ride more coasters. Aaron and I took Hannah over to the area where they have the Scrambler, Spider (which they call the Monster) and some crazy ride called “Shake, Rattle & Roll”. It was nuts. Hannah loved them all. Mommy, not so much. I rode them for Hannah. Those round & round rides make me want to vomit. Before heading home we headed to Graeter’s from some ice cream. I indulged in the strawberry, it was amazing. Jon had chocolate. Hannah had a vanilla scoop on a cone. YUM!! After stuffing our ice cream down, we headed home. I couldn’t wait to go to bed! LOL! I had gone to the gym at 5:00 AM and after working out and then walking all day, I was whooped!

Chinese Take Out

Gotta love being able to call and get Chinese take out. That is one thing I have really missed since going gluten-free. I still have yet to find a GF egg roll, but I will take what I can get. Last night on the way home from King’s Island I was really tired and couldn’t fathom cooking & cleaning up, so I suggested Pei Wei Asian Diner for dinner. Pei Wei is run by P.F. Changs. Convenienty I keep a carry-out menu in my glovebox. I love the Pei Wei Spicy Chicken or the Pei Wei Spicy Chicken salad. Jon really likes the Pei Wei Sweet & Sour. Some locations even carry gluten-free soy sauce, you just need to ask for it. I keep La Choy Soy Sauce at home for when we get Chinese take out. It is like heaven on earth.

We really like P.F. Chang’s too, but there really isn’t one close by to our house. Not only do they have a pretty extensive GF menu, they have an amazing dessert too. It is a flourless chocolate dome. Whenever we go we have to get more than one b/c Jon doesn’t really like to share his dome. 🙂 I don’t blame him. It is one of the few places he can safely order dessert out. I have tried many of the items on P.F. Chang’s menu, but really like the Singapore Street Noodles the best. Some of the other good dishes are Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken, Ginger Broccoli, Chang’s Spicy Chicken and don’t forget the lettuce wraps. They also have gluten-free soy sauce, just make sure to ask your server to get it from the back, the soy on the table is not GF.